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Thompson: Yes. With digital subscriptions, it’s an entirely different story. I thought that the direct marketing effort of the New York Times, and Denise Warren [the Times’ head of advertising and digital in the early paywall days] in particular, had done heroic work in launching the pay model. I also felt, though, that we had to move from the classic newspaper circulation department to a state-of-the-art digital marketing operation, and I thought Meredith was the perfect partner to work on that. We threw in the creation of brand marketing efforts and brought David Rubin in from Pinterest. Doctor: The Times seems to be a profoundly different place, by all accounts, than it was two years ago. There’s been a major push to make the Times a subscriber-first company and rebuild both the organization and culture around that, with a faster product development and time to market. Meredith Levien: We’ve tried to hire really great people who have deep domain expertise, and retain the great people we have who have deep domain expertise. We want to make sure those people have a bias to action and then create the conditions around which they can act.

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